Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hello, New Decade.

Another year, another journey.  Honestly, I've got a good feeling about this one.

I got an early morning (7 a.m.) call from the Peace Corps today, which seemed odd, given it's SATURDAY and it's January 2.  Really.  Who works today, for one thing (especially in the government) and who thinks it's a good idea to call at 7 am?!  Apparently in all the many sets of paperwork sent to the PC regarding my health, I neglected to specify which ankle I broke in 2008.  So, got that cleared up and I should have medical approval sometime next week.  A day I never thought would come, since it's been an extremely long process with many delays the fault of which I apportion about 50/50 between PC and myself. any case, this is an adventure still out there waiting to possibly maybe someday happen for me, if I want it.  Right now, I think it will be either September, or not at all (until another stage of life, perhaps).

Hello, 2010, and welcome.  I think you have some great things in store.