Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Vacation and Visitors

In the middle of July I took off from my site yet again for a frolic with some quality friends from my years working at a summer camp in Montana.  This was my first vacation time in the nearly year I had spent in Guatemala, and I savored every moment.  We wandered Antigua, took some tours, hiked Volcano Pacaya, and stayed at an incredible spot on Lake Atitlán.  After that we went to Honduras for a week to enjoy the Copan Ruins, the beach up near Tela, and to spend some time at our friend’s volunteer site where she is spending a year in Honduras working as a nurse at a children’s home and clinic.  Just as important as our itinerary, we ate well, did lots of laughing and talking, earned a few ridiculous travel stories, and despite many, many hours on buses, we managed to strike a balance between being adventuresome and actually relaxing as well.

All in all, “Worth it!”

Checking out the market at Chichicastenango
Enjoying the view of three other volcanoes from the side of Pacaya
Watching a storm roll over Lake Atitlan
Who doesn't love a smoothie?
Kayaking.  Yes.
The four of us in Copan
Copan Ruinas
Checking out the menacing jellyfish.
We did a little snorkeling anyway... in the shallows.
Boat ride across the ocean to a park on a penninsula

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  1. Looks like a phenomenal vacation, Beth! Hope the new place is still working out.